Hey guys! Welcome to the blog portion of Everly Jade! I know I have an “about me” on my website but I’d love to really introduce myself so you can get to know ME! The lady in the photo! The one trying to capture those memories!

No need to repeat everything I already said! Yeah yeah yeah I was an EMT, I have a couple kids, and then there’s that guy I married! But I swear there’s more to me then those things. Photography has always been a part of my life. I’ve owned so many cameras and tried my hand at being artsy, but back in the 90s-early 00s YouTube wasn’t a thing and I didn’t really have the ability to do much research. Not because Libraries didn’t exist, but because back then I was a different little lady and I lacked the drive and amazing support system I do today.

Fast forward to today and BAM! Everly Jade is my little baby and I’m ready to show her off to the world! Why “Everly Jade”? Everly Jade was actually the name that our final baby was going to be given if she was a girl. My sister and I had a whole nursery and relationship with my growing belly and finding out it was a boy inside of there felt like we suffered a silly loss haha! Even though I love my son and am SO happy to not have a third daughter, I knew that name needed to be used SOMEWHERE in my life.

I love trashy reality TV like 90 day fiancé, Shahs of Sunset, and Hoarders. So much in fact my husband told me we can’t get rid of Hulu because how ever would I watch the same 5 shows over and over. Im a Friends addict and still believe that Ross and Rachel shouldn’t have ended up together. Im a true horror fanatic and have been my whole life. Stephen King is my favorite author and its a real treat whenever a show, short, or movie is produced. The Shining being my favorite I just HAD to get a tattoo of it on my arm.

That photo up there ^^ its a rare occurrence. You’ll always find me makeup-less with a messy bun or my hair kind of done. I love being natural and just feeling comfortable in my skin. If you see me walking around with my hair curled and makeup done just always assume its because Im going somewhere that warranted it and not because I woke up one day and thought “Man, you know what I want to do today?? Spend 2 hours in the bathroom getting ready.”

I hope you’re still here sticking around in this post and you hang around for the journey of Everly Jade! Cant wait to see where this venture leads and the beautiful faces I meet!